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What happened to the old forum?
The horror began when PayPal notified me that our web server needed to be updated to comply with current security requirements. The web server had not been updated in many years. The operating system was too old to update without performing a fresh install. I tried to update it years ago and it was too late. Somehow I knew this day would come.

To solve this dilemma and keep the old server running throughout the upgrade, a new server was configured with the latest version of the operating system. This brought with it a new web server and web components, including an upgrade to PHP 7.0.

The forum software we were using was phpBB3. An unsafe PHP function parameter, deprecated for years, was finally removed from PHP. The phpBB3 forum software was broken by this, having used that deprecated parameter extensively in their code. Let us hope the PHP developers don't change their programming language again, enough to break existing code, without some kind of fallback.

I spent days trying to upgrade phpBB3, to no avail. None of the published methods worked at all. I even tried to fix the PHP code myself but it was too complex for my novice skill with PHP.

Handily, the phpBB3 software has a built-in backup/restore function. This proved to be a waste of time. The newest version of phpBB3 would not restore the backup made by the old phpBB3 version. This I found unforgivable. I could not in good conscience continue using phpBB3.

All options exhausted, the quest began for new forum software to replace phpBB3. I downloaded and tried several alternatives. All involved various amounts of frustration, the sort typically faced when administering a Linux server. In all fairness, I was taking the hard road, determined to find  free software as I could not justify adding a monthly bill for a project that does not pay for itself as is.

The forum software I settled on is called MyBB. It claims to import phpBB3 forums and to support PostgreSQL, neither of which worked. This led to a new adventure of installing MySQL and learning to set it up.

So, I guess it's, "Welcome to the new and improved forum, using MyBB. Sorry about losing all those posts."

Fortunately, the wiki appears to have survived. It had me worried at first, until some component I installed brought it to life.

Now to see about that PayPal component.
I actually like the look of this new forum! Doesn't look as outdated as the really thin old forum at least, where there was a lot of wasted space Tongue
What even
The link is fixed. Thanks for the tip.
I also like the new forum. It feels quicker and there's a lot less bugs, particularly in the admin control panel.

Also, the smilies don't look bad on a dark background.
New forum, time for new avatar.
Even Haxus is back to the old architect avatar.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I missed the architect, never liked any of the replacement avatars.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an architect some day.
There is only one true avatar for Hazeron.
[Image: jVedh10.gif]
The old forum can be accessed at the following URL.
New forums are lookin good!
Just dont hit the rate button.

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