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Picture Thread 2.0
[Image: q2nBWzw.jpg]
Meanwhile in Listenoise, the navy boffins have accidentally managed to set space itself on fire. Tests continue.

[Image: UJkZPww.png]

Next experiment: set time on fire, too.
[Image: e89FWAD.png]
The first try of an UT-47 Kodiak shuttle is online ! If you try it, please don't forget to say what's buggy or what could be better !

Quote:[Image: 1534848588-ut471.png]
[Image: 1534848587-ut472.png]
[Image: 1534848582-ut473.png]
[Image: 1534848580-ut474.png]
[Image: 1534848572-ut475.png]

As it was designed to be a little shuttle, the Kodiak have only a captain and two crews : a pilot and a navigator. There's a rocket driven version for beginners too. Be aware that it might not be suitable for big avatars. There's a lack of black paint on the left side of the right frontal thruster ; will be fixed on the next versions.
Check access rights to your images, m?
Images link updated.

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