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Claimed empire but not emperor
Hey all, just spent a few hours starting out building my city as a returning player and then found out I hadn't claimed my empire yet so I made a flag and did that.
I really would like to get a fix on this because I can't progress without accessing government funds to get electricity, and I just spent 3 hours building a city.
[Image: 0elj3JY.jpg]
Thanks in advance.
Edit: Just dug a bit deeper, basically I checked my inventory and the flag was never actually made and i still had a needle and textiles in my inventory. The screen popped up before I used the flag to make my empire. Already tried using the flag didn't work
Edit 2: Fixed myself, renounced citizenship and reclaimed world, wouldn't let me use the same empire name however. No biggie.
(01-24-2020, 12:47 AM)Brisarge Wrote: I hadn't claimed my empire

You mean you were part of an old empire when you started? Or what do you mean by "claimed my empire"?
I am to understand that you made an empire and didn't become emperor?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Glad you got it fixed. I was curious to see what your Citizens tab looked like. Did your character hold any office? Were there any other avatars in the empire, and did they hold any offices?

Also, please confirm for us, did you form your Government today/yesterday, or was this a Government you established previously and just now returning to? Its important for us to get this clarification to understand if we are dealing with a bug or a feature.
[Image: 1078755.png]
New empire and char. So citizens tab was empty but as you can see it says I was apart of it. I built a city before using a flag so I had no empire, then used a flag midway and the empire creation screen showed after I crafted it, not after I used it.

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