Shores of Hazeron


Reaume del Seint Graal Flag

La frondeuse Bultitude DGFFELD
Empire Reaume del Seint Graal
Le roi Pellinore
Reputation 0
Credit Limit 50,000¢
Experience 10

Government Target Value 0
Domain Governed By La frondeuse Bultitude

Last Modified Thu Mar 7 13:17:53 2019 GMT
On Line No
On Line Time 5 hours, 19 minutes

Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

Specie Omnivorous Furrian
Lineage Highborn
Born Tue Apr 3 13:58:32 2018 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Left-handed
Health 961 of 961
Stamina 223 of 223
Hunger 348 of 1922
Children Conceived 1
Children Born 1

TypeBought CargoSold CargoBought InventorySold InventoryCrafted At IndustryCrafted By HandForagedEver In InventoryHighest QualityUses On OthersUses On SelfUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Fish Meat83YQ 16980
Grav Pack1YQ 237
Magmium Power Armor1YQ 2012
Magmium Power Armor Helmet1YQ 202
Plastic Explosive12YQ 2532
Rifle Ammunition7YQ 212
Seed1YQ 41
Кала́шников1YQ 211

Stars And Planets

Type, Atmosphere, OrbitTreaded HereFirst FlagsDeepest SwimHighest Fall CG DistanceBeam To LandBeam From LandBeam To SeaBeam From SeaArrived EVAArrived In APCArrived In Farm MachineryArrived In HelicopterArrived On Motor BikeArrived In RocketArrived On Sail BoatArrived In Space Figher F1Arrived In Space Figher F2Arrived In Space TransportArrived In SubmarineArrived In SUVArrived In StationArrived In SpaceshipArrived In StarshipDeparted EVADeparted In APCDeparted In Farm MachineryDeparted In HelicopterDeparted On Motor BikeDeparted In RocketDeparted On Sail BoatDeparted In Space Figher F1Departed In Space Figher F2Departed In Space TransportDeparted In SubmarineDeparted In SUVDeparted In StationDeparted In SpaceshipDeparted In Starship
Planet, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY